Policy And Information 


A 25% session fee is due at the time of booking and is non refundable and non transferable . Sessions are not considered booked until the session fee and agreement is signed.
In the event that you need to reschedule there are no guarentees of availabliity. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours to reschedule. Event days can not be rescheduled unless another date and time slot is available.
Unforseen circumstances, exceptions may me made in those instinces at the discression of Halliday Photography.  Cancellations without notice will not be able to transfer the session fee to a new session or obtain a refund. Cancelations without notice will be required to pay in full for future sessions.required to pay the full amout owing.  If you are late for your session, the session will proceed with the remaining time left and no refund or discount is provided.
Re-shoots are at the discresion of Halliday Photography and are not done for regretfull choices such as clothing and/or behavioural issues of child/children or simply because you do not like the way you look/someone looks in the images. Please keep in mind when booking, a childs nap time and/or attitude while having photos taken and book the approriate session. Clients are expected to participate and assist in obtaining desired photos.
Remember if you are helping to make the kids smile to stand nice and close to the camera! 
All sessions will be delivered by an online gallery. Your proofing gallery will be delivered within 1 week of the session for you to select the images for editing. Please make selections in a timely fashion. I understand life can get busy. All orders are edited in the order they are received. Final digital images are high resolution and you will also have a print release to print where you prefer.
Halliday Photography retains copyright of all images. It is illegal to scan,copy, crop or reproduce the work of Halliday Photography in any manner or medium and is punishable by law. By commissioning a session with Halliday Photography, you agree that at the shoot and any related meetings, you alone will be held liable for your own safety and the safety and behaviour of your children. You also agree to release Halliday Photography from all liability should any accidents or injuries occure durring your session. 
Printed images may differ in colour and appearance from how they are seen on your computer. If you choose to print your own, Halliday Photography is not responsible for the quality of those prints. If you order printed products through Halliday Photography they are quality checked prior to delivery. All print orders are due no later than 2 weeks of the delivery of your portriats. Halliday photography only retains your digital images for 3months. Please ensure all your products are ordered.
Payment of your session fee/retainer  is acceptance of this contract and acknowledge all policies. Prices are subject to change.