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Welcome to my first blog! I would like to introduce myself and my family! I am newborn and family photographer behind Halliday Photography. I specialize in newborn studio portraits, children's portraits and family portraits. I am located in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario Canada.

This is the family behind Halliday Photography
Me (Ali, the mom) and my beautiful family (photo by One for the Wall Photography)

I have had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember. When my first was born (10 years ago, YIKES) I invested in a entry level DSLR, like many other moms. I knew nothing about all the extra functions and settings but I was determined to take beautiful pictures of my baby!

Newborn photography wasn't an option at that time, at least I wasn't aware it was. I had my husband take photos of my growing baby bump and at the hospital, all in AUTO!!! Looking back I love the photos, they are horrible by photography standards, but they are my cherished memories.

My first camera was a Nikon D90 (10 years ago), I bought it used from Henry's locally in Waterloo Ontario. I had a kit lens (55-300) but it got me started! For about 4 years I practiced and educated myself on how to use it in different settings, lighting and situations. My daughter was "trained" from birth to model, often bribed with a new dress!! I never dreamt to make this passion into a business and overjoyed that I have.

My girl <3 Photo:One for the Wall Photography

I had my second son in 2013, I knew he was our last. At this time newborn photography was on my radar! I knew it was out there but did not budget to invest in it, boy I wish I had!! I had my talented friend Steph come to the hospital and asked her if she would photograph whatever she could with the birth of my son (FOR FREE!! EEEK--- don't do this to your friends)She did!

He was my FIRST NEWBORN SESSION Photo:One for the Wall Photography

I wanter to get into newborn photography and though "how hard can it be" I'll do my own newborn photos of my son and daughter. < I need to set the scene here, I had JUST had my second c-section, my daughter was 3yrs old at the time, I was sore and breast feeding> NEEDLESS TO SAY IT WAS A DISASTER.

I was crying, cranky, and felt like a failure. I remember saying to my husband that I felt like an idiot for thinking I could be a newborn photographer. He was so supportive, told me not to worry about it, I had JUST had a baby a week ago and to take the time to enjoy him. When I was ready we would look at more education and courses.

I think back to my earliest clients, some of which are suprisingly STILL coming back! I was learning, I am constantly learning, educating and improving. My business grew organically, slow and steady. I didn't pay for ads, almost all my clients come from word or mouth. This is very important! This means I have made someone so happy with their experience at Halliday photography that they have sent their friends over!

I think of my clients as family. I envision what would I like the experience of a photoshoot to look like and try and provide that to my clients. I love seeing people come back, seeing babies grow, hearing about your lives and what has happened, like catching up with friends when we see each other. I also feel like clients (or I hope) feel like they are friends, not just a business interaction.

Thank you, from my family to yours!

2020 is a fresh decade! I feel the excitement! Thank you to everyone who has supported this little business of mine and my family behind the business.

Exciting events coming soon, Mothers Day minis, Spring Studio Sessions, and I can't believe Spring, Summer and Fall 2020 outdoor sessions are already booking up fast!

I am looking forward to the next time we see each other.

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